Puukarin Pysäkki - Karelian Restaurant & Guesthouse

Welcome — Your Karelian Dining and nature experience awaits

Feel the karelian holiday with all of your senses. Taste the karelian food, which is made of local and organic ingredients for You. Hear the beautiful silence in the countryside. Smell the traditional smoke sauna.

Enjoy the feeling of freedom and joyfulness!


What do our guests say about us

Outstanding experience!
— Tripadvisor visitor
Ms. Anni Korhonen has surprised us with her ability to turn pioneer staples into gourmet delights. Her signature dishes are not merely couched in nostalgia, but are a genuine rebirth of Finnish classics.
— Visit Finland
Delicious Food.
— Tripadvisor visitor

Restaurant Karelia á la carte

Karelian Lunch

Seasonal Karelian Lunch  -  €29 /person


Karelian Buffet

Seasonal Karelian Lunch Buffet  -  €36 /person


Karelian Dinner

Seasonal dinner from  -  €48/person


Speciality Game Foods

Seasonal Karelian Dinner and Game  -  €59 /person



Half Board

Including breakfast, lunch or dinner,sauna  -  €98 /person


B&B (single room)

Including linen, sauna and breakfast  -  €70-78


B&B (twin room)

Including linen, sauna and breakfast  -  €102-106


B&B (double room, suite)

Including linen, sauna and breakfast  -  €132


B&B (family room, 4 beds)

Including linen, sauna and breakfast  -  €156

Ask also low season prices in May and November!


Karelian Dinner with music 

Group size 6 - 32 people  -  €48


Silence Moments in Guesthouses

Two days  -  €299 / person


Guesthouse to Guesthouse Tours

Group size 6-14 people


Biking and canoeing

Finnish Cuisine

Wild Herbal


Smoke Sauna

Traditional Finnish Smoke Sauna experience!  

€450 (summer season) €550 (winter season), max 20 people


Traditional wood burning log Sauna

Traditional Finnish Sauna  -  €10/person or €80/2h



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Monday to Friday  9 am – 4 pm

Closed Sundays



Puh. +358 50 344 3824


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