The Karelian Dinner —


Karelian Pie - Sulhaspiirakka

Sulhaspiirakka is half moon shape rye crust pie with cooked barley grains and boiled eggs.


Organic rye bread

Soul of our guesthouse kitchen. Rye bread is made with sourdough, fresh spring water and sea salt. Wood burning oven gives the final flavor for original Finnish sour rye bread. We also teach how to make rye bread.


Salted Fish

Slow cooked fresh pike, pike birch or vendace from the lake is a perfect match with our house made rye bread


Pickled mushroom salad

Salted mushrooms with Karelian sour cream and chopped onion


Cabbage Salad (Classic)

Cabbage coleslaw with, carrots and onions with organic house sauce


Seasonal Salad

Organically grown lettuce, different edible leafs of wild herbs and vegetables with house dressing


Drinks — 

Home made beer- Kotikalja

A traditional Finnish rye based table beer. ALCOHOL FREE


Our wines are hand picked just for us. The wines are biodynamic and organic, wineries are small and family based.


Craft beers comes from Joensuu, Honkavuoren Panimo. Small breweries, big taste!


Potatoes á la Puukarin Pysäkki

Slow baked in oven or cooked seasoned with herbs


Braised Organic Vegetables

Oven roasted seasonal vegetables with home grown herbs and spices


Vendace Roast or Baked Wild Fish

Pan-seared wild caught fish, rye crumbed vendace is served with mashed potatoes and seasoned sour cream sauce.


Karelian Roast or Braised Meat Stew

Pasture raised organic beef from our farm slowly cooked for hours in beef broth with herbs and seasonal vegetables


Dessert —

Oven baked quark with home made jam


Blueberry crust served with vanilla sauce


Marrow cake served with fresh cheese dressing