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What do our guests say about us

Outstanding experience!
— Tripadvisor visitor
Ms. Anni Korhonen has surprised us with her ability to turn pioneer staples into gourmet delights. Her signature dishes are not merely couched in nostalgia, but are a genuine rebirth of Finnish classics.
— Visit Finland
Delicious Food
— Tripadvisor visitor

Restaurant Karelia á la carte —

Karelian Lunch

Seasonal Karelian Lunch  -  €29 /person


Karelian Buffet

Seasonal Karelian Lunch Buffet  -  €36 /person


Karelian Dinner

Seasonal dinner from  -  €48/person


Speciality Game Foods

Seasonal Karelian Dinner and Game  -  €59 /person


Rooms —

Half Board

Including breakfast, lunch or dinner,sauna  -  €98 /person


B&B (single room)

Including linen, sauna and breakfast  -  €70-78


B&B (twin room)

Including linen, sauna and breakfast  -  €102-106


B&B (double room, suite)

Including linen, sauna and breakfast  -  €132


B&B (family room, 4 beds)

Including linen, sauna and breakfast  -  €156

Ask also low season prices in May and November!

Packages —

Karelian Dinner with music 

Group size 6 - 32 people  -  €48


Silence Moments in Guesthouses

Two days  -  €299 / person


Guesthouse to Guesthouse Tours

Group size 6-14 people


Biking and canoeing

Finnish Cuisine

Wild Herbal

Sauna —

Smoke Sauna

Traditional Finnish Smoke Sauna experience!  

€450 (summer season) €550 (winter season), max 20 people


Traditional wood burning log Sauna

Traditional Finnish Sauna  -  €10/person or €80/2h



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Monday to Friday  9 am – 4 pm

Closed Sundays



Puh. +358 50 344 3824


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