Welcome — Your Karelian Dining and nature experience awaits


Some of Our Favorites — The Karelian Lunch


Ingredients are based solely on the best of what's available from our own organic farm, and change upon season and inspiration. All seating is around 35-seat central eatery. Our pirtti-style dining experience is intended to provoke conversation and interaction at your will featuring the cuisine of Anni Korhonen.


Karelian pies, egg butter

Our pride and glory. Home made organic rye crust pies with barley porridge and egg butter


Organic rye bread

Home made organic oat malt bread, butter, and seasonal herb spread


Smoked Bone Broth

A traditional bone broth made from smoked lamb bones, home grown herbs and seasonal vegetables


Wild Caught Fish Soup

Fresh and clear fish soup with herbs


Seasonal Salad

Organically grown onions, lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, house mayo, and house dressing


Drinks — 

Home made beer

A traditional Finnish rye based table beer


Home made berry juice

We make fresh juices from Finnish berries, black and red currants, lingonberries, strawberries etc.

Spring Water

We get spring water from every tap in guesthouse



Potatoes á la Puukarin Pysäkki

Potato bun, lettuce, tomato, wild onions, and pepper jack cheese.


Braised Organic Vegetables

Oven roasted seasonal vegetables with home grown herbs and spices.


Vendace Roast or Baked Wild Fish

Pan-seared wild caught fish, cracked bread, and red wine glaze.  


Karelian Roast or Braised Meat Stew

Pasture raised organic beef from our farm with herbs... Haudutettua...  stuffed with oregano and garlic. Served with roasted beets, leeks, and potatoes.


Dessert — 

Berry Fools

Hand harvested wild berries and sweet sauce



A traditional Finnish dessert made with molasses and rye

Herbal Tea

Hand picked organic wild herbs from forst and garden

Organic coffee

We use only Fair Trade and organic coffee


The Karelian Dinner


Karelian Pie - Sulhaspiirakka

Sulhaspiirakka is half moon shape rye crust pie with cooked barley grains and boiled eggs.


Organic rye bread

Soul of our guesthouse kitchen. Rye bread is made with sourdough, fresh spring water and sea salt. Wood burning oven gives the final flavor for original Finnish sour rye bread. We also teach how to make rye bread.


Salted Fish

Slow cooked fresh pike, pike birch or vendace from the lake is a perfect match with our house made rye bread


Pickled mushroom salad

Salted mushrooms with Karelian sour cream and chopped onion


Cabbage Salad (Classic)

Cabbage coleslaw with, carrots and onions with organic house sauce


Seasonal Salad

Organically grown lettuce, different edible leafs of wild herbs and vegetables with house dressing


Drinks — 

Home made beer- Kotikalja

A traditional Finnish rye based table beer. ALCOHOL FREE




Potatoes á la Puukarin Pysäkki

Slow baked in oven or cooked seasoned with herbs


Braised Organic Vegetables

Oven roasted seasonal vegetables with home grown herbs and spices


Vendace Roast or Baked Wild Fish

Pan-seared wild caught fish, rye crumbed vendace is served with mashed potatoes and seasoned sour cream sauce.


Karelian Roast or Braised Meat Stew

Pasture raised organic beef from our farm slowly cooked for hours in beef broth with herbs and seasonal vegetables



Oven baked quark with home made jam


Blueberry crust served with vanilla sauce


Marrow cake served with fresh cheese dressing




Outstanding experience!
— Tripadvisor visitor
Ms. Anni Korhonen has surprised us with her ability to turn pioneer staples into gourmet delights. Her signature dishes are not merely couched in nostalgia, but are a genuine rebirth of Finnish classics.
— Visit Finland
Delicious Food
— Tripadvisor visitor

Stay with us  —

The inn has eight rooms and apartments, of which one is a suite and one family with pets apartment. You can choose between rooms with private bathroom or Your room is a double room with shared bathroom. Room interior décor has been used wood, linen and cotton. Art and local handicrafts are also reflected in the rooms in stylish interiors. The Guesthouse´s rooms are located in three different houses; the main building on the upper floor, with the rooms I and II, and the Suite, Guesthouse Rinteelä downstairs Aino and Pekka as well as the upstairs Liisa and Sampo. Pihapirtti is a great area for families, many here also wants to stay in with pets. 


Book a room Booking.com 

Room rates include bed linens, sauna and breakfast.


Guesthouse Tours  —

Cooperation between guesthouses began twenty years ago between Äksyt Ämmät, Laitalan Lomat, Männikkölän Pirtti and Puukarin Pysäkki. Working together we will do the marketing, product design, we maintained trails, and of course we help and sparring each other work. Each house has its strengths, Puukari food, Laitalan Lomat theirs facilities, Äksyt Ämmät tourism know-how and Männikkölän Pirtti Karelian pasties. We offer close to nature, sportive holidays; fine nature experiences, which will find it is a time to enjoy. We want to make trips and holidays as environmentally friendly. Decisions take into account the adverse effects of the environment. These principles include: use of public transport, local small hotels and tourism enterprises in favor of dining services, local food, as well as the provision of ordinary everyday pleasures; mushroom trip, breakfast outdoors, wild berry jams, wood-fired sauna and herbal tea. Small areas will meet a host of people and get a feel for their way of life, can chat or you can enjoy the tranquility of guesthouses in and around the nature.


Indulge in a traditional Finnish smoke sauna  —

How is feel like sitting in nice warm smoke sauna and drop your self in fresh river water? Smoke sauna in old Riihi (a place originally for drying rye and grains) offers an unforgettable sauna experience. The atmosphere is unique; no electricity, no wifi, no running water, candle light and river water. You can order sauna snack to the Riihi, we offer hand made sausages and other cool snacks.  


see pricing  —